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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in Kentucky.


About Tap Truck Spokane

Like all great things, it started with an idea so crazy it could only be blamed on the empty wine bottles in front of us. How could we incorporate wine, beer, and our favorite local brands to a business that could be unique, fun, and fit perfectly into all that we love?

We should probably start at the beginning, which for us was in the summer of 2012 when a post player from Cleveland and a point guard from Owenton, Kentucky, stepped foot on campus at Northern Kentucky University to continue their basketball careers. A mutual love for basketball grew to include a mutual love for travelling, live music, baseball, breweries and wineries. After four years in college Rianna accepted a teaching job and Liz began a career as a quality engineer, and as luck would prevail, they were in the same town!

As the years passed we would occasionally toss around the idea of doing something more. What could we do that showcased Rianna’s strength with organization and witty comebacks, and Liz’s (nerdy) mind for engineering and sub-par comedic attempts? … And then came Tap Truck!

We are so excited to begin the next adventure of our friendship while also providing Spokane and beyond with an awesome experience that includes classic trucks, good times, and of course, cold brews!

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